Sen. Bill Brady On Impasse And Special Session

Jun 20, 2017

Illinois lawmakers will be back at the statehouse Wednesday in special session.  The governor ordered them to return to work on a budget agreement.  

Republicans last week offered up their own plan. However,  Bloomington GOP senator Bill Brady says Republicans don't view the session as a take it or leave it proposition:

"But as long as we believe we're giving property taxpayers parity. As long as we believe we are creating jobs. As long as we believe we are balancing the budget. Then we're open to anything that meets those broad strokes," he said. 

Brady says he's seen bipartisan cooperation in trying to solve the impasse, but only in the state senate.  He says he is unsure if House Democrats will go along with some of the Republican demands.  

Brady adds all lawmakers are feeling pressure to come up with a budget solution.