"Now, See Me..." Photos Capture Life Under The LGBTQ Umbrella

Nov 15, 2016

August Francis is a photographer based in central Illinois, many of his photos come from Springfield and Decatur but he also travels for his shots. Many of his photographs come from events that involve subcultures. A project called 'Now, See Me..." combines photos and interviews in a nuanced way that depict people who are LGBT and/or Queer as well as other aspects of their personality. 

August says he wants: "To give the public a more authentic look into the real, actual lives of people living this experience." Listen to the interview:

August is offering free photo sessions for disabled people and their families through the end of 2016
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Part of August's aim as a photographer is to save the stories for posterity of people who aren't often seen in mainstream culture. He wants to, "Almost force people who wouldn't see it - to see it, and recognize that it is happening." August is offering free photo sessions to disabled people and their families, he says it's an important way he can give back to the community.