New Congressional Task Force For Transgender Equality

Nov 30, 2015

"Rep. Quigley (at podium) speaks about the formation of the Transgender Equality Task Force with LGBT Equality Caucus Members and transgender activists."

Earlier this month, people across the country and state recognized Transgender Day of Remembrance. It was created by activists as a way to honor those who have been murdered in a hate crime. Transgender people say their biological sex does not match the gender they identify with. Studies show they are much more likely to face violence and discrimination than the general population.

Federally, a new push has been made to further protections against discrimination for trans people.  A first of its kind congressional task force has been formed. Illinois congressman, Mike Quigley (D - Chicago) has joined the cause. We spoke with David Stacy about it,  he's the government affairs director for the Human Rights Campaign, which has long lobbied for legislative advances on behalf of the LGBT community.