Live At The Suggs: Jukebox Cassanova

Feb 3, 2016

Jukebox Cassanova is Bernie Flesch on lead vocals and guitar, Gary Hawthorne on drums, Matt Combs on upright bass, and Mick Conboy on lead guitar. They joined us for the 2015 'Thank You Fest' and played a set for an audience in the Suggs Studio here at the NPR Illinois station. They were joined by band Ragna Rye who we'll hear from at a later date.

The band plays a mix of Americana and rock/folk, with a punk influence sometimes bleeding through. Flesch is the booker for Bar None in Springfield and is devoted to the local scene, making sure there are bands with original music to hear on your next night out on the town. Listen now to hear the songs they played as well as some conversation with Flesch about the group and his experience in the local music scene:

CLICK HERE to follow the group on Facebook and see when they're playing out next.

Special thanks to our engineer Greg Manfroi for recording this event.