Illinois GOP Chairman Mentions Lincoln, Reagan While Casting Delegates For Trump

Aug 24, 2020

Illinois Republican Party Chair Tim Schneider

Illinois was among the states helping re-nominate President Trump Monday as the Republican National Convention began in Charlotte, N.C.    

Just like Democrats last week, there was no surprise as the nomination has been sewn up for quite a while.  But the process of a roll call at the national convention must still take place. 

Tim Schneider, Illinois Republican Party Chairman, represented the state as he was among the few Illinois GOP leaders to make the trip. 

“Home of the first Republican president of the United States Abraham Lincoln and the birthplace of Ronald Reagan, I proudly cast 67 votes for our president, and the next president of the United States, Donald J. Trump,” Schneider said in a speech via video link that was more brief than usual.  

Typically, states use the opportunity to promote everything from history to industry.  But COVID-19 has led to speeches by video.  Illinois Democrats brought back former U.S. Senator Carol Moseley Braun to represent the state during the roll call at their convention last week. She had recorded her message in front of the Old State Capitol in Springfield, and raised the issue of racism in lending.

There were no throngs of cheering delegates in Charlotte, although a few hundred convention attendees were inside the hall where the roll call was conducted.  Later, Vice President Mike Pence and President Trump appeared and gave speeches.