FLASHBACKS - Military in Film with Capt. Dale Dye

Jul 11, 2020

We bring you a special episode of Flashbacks where we are going to be talking to a man who has made a tremendous impact on a few films that have been talked about previously on the Front Row Network and a few more slated for the next few years. We had the honor and the privilege to speak with Capt. Dale Dye. Capt. Dye has worked on more than fifty movies and TV shows including several Academy Award and Emmy winning productions. He has worked on films such as Platoon, Casualties of War, Born on the Fourth of July, Forrest Gump, Starship Troopers, Saving Private Ryan, The Thin Red Line, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Tropic Thunder, and the upcoming Apple TV release – Greyhound. Join us as we venture through the behind the scenes career of a man who has made a tremendous impact on how we view the military through cinema.