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Statewide: The Crash Of Air Illinois Flight 710

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Each week, Statewide brings you reports and conversations from in and around Illinois.

On this episode:

* Host Sean Crawford talks about Air Illinois Flight 710 with Illinois Times Staff Writer Bruce Rushton.The plane crashed in October 1983 in southern Illinois, killing all 10 aboard.  We hear what led to the crash and the impact it had on air travel across the country.  

* Statehouse Editor Brian Mackey visits with Professor John Jackson from the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute on research that shows the return on investment of tax dollars for each region of Illinois.  If you think you already know the results, you might be surprised.

* Spotlighting National Overdose Awareness Day,  Jaclyn Driscoll talks with Marc Turner of the Gateway Foundation, a drug and alcohol treatment center.  They discuss what is being done to prevent future deaths.  

* Steph Whiteside of Illinois Newsroom brings us a report on what happens after detox and how many people struggle to access resources.

* NPR Illinois' Education Reporter Dusty Rhodes attended a legislative hearing on the Illinois Innovation Network.  Lawmakers had plenty of questions about the public-private partnership involving the University of Illinois.  


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