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Sangamon County Clerk Unsure About Same Sex Marriage Licenses For Now


The Sangamon County Clerk says he's still unsure it would be legal for him to issue same sex marriage licenses before a new law takes effect in June. 

Attorney General Lisa Madigan says a court ruling in Cook County opened the door for all Illinois' county clerks to issue the licenses immediately.  Some have started doing so.  But there are differences of opinion.  Like in Sangamon County, Clerk Joe Aiello says he's waiting.

"The concern that we've got it that we issue a valid document.  What I mean by that is, is that document going to hold up in the court of law.  If someone were to dissolve their marriage two years from now, or if there was a death--one of your partner's dies, is the insurance companies going to make good on the insurance policies?" Aiello said.

Aiello says he is talking with the state's attorney to get his legal opinion.

Meanwhile, the Macon County clerk says he hopes to begin issuing licenses Friday, but plans to tell same sex couples they could face a legal challenge to their marriage.

Lee Strubinger completed the University of Illinois Springfield's Public Affairs Reporting graduate program and is currently in Colorado.
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