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WATCH & LISTEN: Illinois Symphony Orchestra Executive Director Discusses Career

The Illinois Symphony Orchestra is an institution based on inspiring audiences with live orchestral music. A season in the orchestra takes a lot of effort from its donors, members, and 75 musicians. 



“The Illinois Symphony Orchestra performs eight concerts for adults and children, and also concerts for kids. We also have a very active outreach program where we go into schools with small ensembles to teach kids about music and being a professional musician,” Orthmann said. 


This is Trevor Orthmann, the Executive Director of the orchestra. He has had this position since 2009, and is currently entering his tenth season with the Symphony Orchestra.


“It’s great working with the orchestra. There’s so many creative and dedicated people involved. They come from a wide area, we have musicians coming from as far away as Arizona to play with the Illinois Symphony, and many come from Chicago and St. Louis,” Orthmann said.  


His role as Executive Director has led him to a position of leadership in the association. He takes on many tasks in and out of the season. 


“I oversee the entire organization, which includes the administrative staff, [who are] five full time employees. I work with the music director to create the programs that we are going to perform each season,” Orthmann said. 


Trevor has spent a tremendous amount of time and work with the Illinois Symphony Orchestra. He ponders on the past, present, and future of his time here, especially as he enters his tenth season with the association. 


“I’ve had great experiences up until now, and the communities, both Springfield and Bloomington, are so passionate in caring about the Symphony. I have been very encouraged and have had a great 10 years here. [I] hopefully will continue that and think of ways to grow the symphony and its impact on both communities,” Orthmann said. 


Trevor has had many hopes for the future of the association.


“For the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, I am hoping to grow our education programs and our service to the youth in our community. We have programs where we go into the elementary schools, but also to high schools, and we’re just piloting a program for preschool children in Bloomington,” Orthmann said.  


He hopes the Illinois Symphony Orchestra will continue to benefit the communities of Springfield and Bloomington through its educational programs and live music.




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