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Unique "Sound Bath" Experience In Springfield On Friday


Founding members of the group Laboratorium Piesniaka "Sound Laboratory" will be in Springfield over the weekend.

The workshops they will hold are sold-out, but a sound bath on Friday night is still open to the public. Details here.

Terri Woodliff lived in Springfield for many years before relocating to Ft. Worth, Texas. She helped organize a US tour for the group's members. Laboratorium Piesni is based in Poland and draws from traditional songs from all over the world. Tune in to hear more about the event on Friday, including explanation of what exactly a "sound bath" is: 

Below is the video featured in the interview above:

Below is Alina Jurczyszyn, founder of Laboratorium Piesni. She'll be performing with Kamila Bigus for the sound bath in Springfield on Friday, September 1st. 

Rachel Otwell of the Illinois Times is a former NPR Illinois reporter.
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