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$1 Million For Chicago Public Schools From Chance The Rapper

artwork from Grammy-winning album, 'Coloring Book'

Chance the Rapper is on a mission to better fund education in the state, particularly in Chicago. The musician, who grew up on the south side of the city, has won three Grammys at the young age of 23, making him well-known outside just the hip hop world. He's been using that fame to hold Gov. Bruce Rauner's feet to the fire when it comes to the education funding issue. 

After the Governor had tweeted a "congrats" message for his recent Grammy wins, Chance asked for a meeting. Gov. Rauner took him up on it and they met last week. Chance says it wasn't a successful meeting though. Yesterday he spoke at an elementary school in Chicago and live-streamed the press conference on social media. Sean Crawford and Rachel spoke about the announcement that $1 million would be donated as a "call to action" and more: 

Rachel Otwell of the Illinois Times is a former NPR Illinois reporter.
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