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Farmer's Market In Lincoln Brings Food And Health Together

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You are what you eat.  And if you eat healthy, it goes to reason you'll have better health.  
That's the basic idea behind a new farmer's market in Lincoln that brings the local hospital and farmers together.  

The Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital is financially backing the market, as well as participating.  For example, offering screeningsand other information to those who attend.  
There are also live cooking demonstrations and activities for kids,  such as recent kickboxing lessons. 
It can be a hurdle to get people to try new fruits or vegetables, but Dave Bishop, a vendor with PrairiErth Farm near Atlanta, says it's also an opportunity.
"Sometimes people don't know what to do with things like garlic scapes that they don't normally see in the grocery store," Bishop said. "You go to the farmer's markeet and you can stand across the table from the people who are growing this stuff and you can ask 'hey, what do I do with this?'
"We can address a lot of these health care issues with food," he added.  "One of the most important things about local food systems is making sure everyone in this community has access to good food."

Estimates show about two-thirds of Logan County residents are overweight or obese.  
The farmer's market is located on the fairgrounds, directly across from the hospital.  It's open every Saturday morning until noon. 

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