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Illinois Lawmaker Considers Legislation After Nashville Waffle House Shooting

Sen. Julie Morrison
In response to the deadly Waffle House shooting in Nashville, state Sen. Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield) wants to make sure firearms stay with those who can legally carry them.

In response to the deadly Waffle House shooting in Nashville, one Illinois lawmaker wants to make sure firearms stay with those who can legally carry them.

The proposal would hold responsible anyone who is transferred temporary ownership of firearms to keep them away from the original owner.  The Nashville shooter had his guns transferred over to his father after authorities deemed him unfit to have them. But the shooter’s father returned the guns and one was used in the massacre at the restaurant.

“We have a process for removing firearms when someone has been deemed to be dangerous to himself or others. That happened. That occurred," said State Sen. Julie Morrison,  "The breakdown in the process happened when the father returned the firearms before he was allowed to.”

The Deerfield Democrat said her proposal would solve that issue with an affidavit signed by the person holding temporary ownership of the guns. “It states that they understand, fully, that they are now responsible for these firearms, that they are not to deliver these back, and that they understand what the penalties are for doing so,” she said.

Morrison said the proposal is a work in progress. She is still considering adding penalties if someone does return the firearms without a court's consent. 

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