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Golar, Remembered As The Singing Legislator, Passes Away


A sitting state legislator has died. Seventy-one-year old Rep. Esther Golar represented the southwest side of Chicago since 2006.

Legislators and activists who worked with Golar say they'll remember her as a dedicated advocate of her community, schools, public safety, and working people.

She was usually quiet; not the type of legislator to get into heated policy arguments when the House was in session.

But there were times she got quite vocal, and was every so often - like in July -- was literally moved to song.

"Budget, budget, budget. We need a budget now," she sang.

Despite her ill health in recent months as she fought cancer -- and reportedly against her doctors' wishes -- Golar traveled to Springfield earlier this month. The House met to take a series of highly visible, contentious votes; most just barely failed. Many Democrats blame a member of their own party for not showing up; and contrast it with the extraordinary efforts they say Golar made to be there to represent her district.

Service arrangements are pending.

Amanda Vinicky moved to Chicago Tonight on WTTW-TV PBS in 2017.
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