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Kincaid Mounds Still Holding Secrets


Archaeological work at site that straddles Massac and Pope counties in deep southern Illinois has been a decades-long project. albeit on an intermittent basis.   Kincaid Mounds is the location where Native Americans that were part of the  Mississippian culture lived and worked starting around 1000 years ago. 

Dr. Brian Butler, Past Director of the Center for Archaeological Investigations and Emeritus Adjunct Professor of Anthropology at Southern Illinois University Carbondale will discuss some of the more recent discoveries this week. 

Butler will speak as part of the Illinois State Museum Paul Mickey Science Lecture Series on Wednesday June 11 at the Museum's Research and Collections Center, 1011 E. Ash St. in Springfield.  

Much of Kincaid Mounds has been mapped, giving better understanding of the people who lived there.  But not everything is known.

"The very earliest part of the Mississippian occupation, we have not been able to find a great deal of that which has been a little bit of a surprise," he said.  "We know it's there, but we're having trouble locating (evidence)."

"We're also not entirely clear on the ending of the occupation.  It's certainly pretty much over by around 1400 A.D. It might have lasted somewhat longer than that, some folks hanging around to the end," Butler said.

Part of the site is on public property, and the rest in private hands.  The public portion is accessible to visitors.

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