The Short List: What We Know About Joe Biden's VP Search

Jun 30, 2020

Who will Joe Biden select as his running mate? We assess his short list of candidates.


Christopher Devine, political science professor at the University of Dayton. Co-author of “Do Running Mates Matter?” (@ProfDevine)

Milton Kent, professor of journalism at Morgan State University. Host of WYPR’s “Sports at Large.” (@SportsAtLarge)

Steve Phillips, host of the podcast “Democracy in Color with Steve Phillips.” (@StevePtweets)

Rep. Wendy Brawley, Democratic representative for District 70 in the South Carolina legislature.

From The Reading List

New York Times: “Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and More: Who’s in the Running to be Biden’s V.P.?” — “Joseph R. Biden Jr. is deep into his search for a running mate. The process began with a list of more than a dozen potential candidates, all of them women.”

WBUR: “Elizabeth Warren’s VP Chances: She’s On ‘A Very, Very Short List’” — “Former Vice President Joe Biden says he will be naming a panel soon to help him vet and select a running mate. Biden has said that he intends to name a woman, which has led to buzz around a number of potential candidates, including Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.”

Baltimore Sun: “Commentary: Val Demings should be our next vice president” — “Now that former Vice President Joe Biden has clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, his next big task, save for polishing up his convention speech, is to pick a running mate.”

New York Times: “It’s Obvious Whom Joe Biden Should Pick as Vice President” — “As Joe Biden formally begins his vice-presidential selection process, he needs to find a running mate who strengthens the Democratic ticket in the areas where he is weakest.”

Politico: “Kamala emerges as early Biden VP favorite as sting of debate attack fades” — “As the vetting process gets underway, major Biden supporters see her as the best fit, though Warren is a leading contender, too.”

New York Times: “‘It’s More Than a Seat at the Table’” — “Senator Kamala Harris used to call it the ‘donkey in the room’ — the (occasionally whispered) notion that she could not be the Democratic presidential nominee because it was inconceivable that she, a black woman, could win over a majority of voters.”

The Hill: “Warren top choice for VP for some Black progressives” — “Some Black progressives are calling for Joe Biden to pick Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as his running mate, even as the Biden campaign faces pressure to select a woman of color.”

FiveThirtyEight: “The Debate Over Biden’s VP Pick Is Full Of Half-Truths And Misleading Arguments” — “People who want Sen. Kamala Harris or another Black woman to be former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate often claim that a Black woman will substantially boost enthusiasm among Black voters.”

Tampa Bay Times: “Prediction time: Kamala Harris will be Joe Biden’s running mate, Florida Insiders say” — “Joe Biden will choose a running mate during unprecedented circumstances — an evolving public health emergency, historic unemployment and nationwide civil unrest.”

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