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U-S Senate Candidates Differ On Ebola Response And More


Ebola has not just dominated the news recently, it has become a point of discussion in campaigns.  It came up in last night's U-S Senate debate, held as part of the public t-v program "Chicago Tonight."

U-S Senator Dick Durbin, a Democrat, says he favors close monitoring of passengers and quarantining those at high risk of exposure.

But he disagreed with his Republican challenger Jim Oberweis, a state Senator, on the need for a travel ban from certain countries.  

"We have to keep the movement of health care workers into West Africa very much in the front burner.  This is when we can stop this disease at its source," Durbin said.

"Our government has a real responsiblity to defend us, not only against military challenges  but also against health challenges," said Oberweis. "So whatever the government can do to protect us, I'd rather err on the side of caution in this case."

The two men clashed over issues such as whether the Affordable Care Act is a success.

On the topic of gun violence, Durbin says Oberweis opposed background checks and banning so called assault weapons.  Oberweis says an improved economy would help.

Both agreed an Obama Presidential Library should be paid for with private money. 

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