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Statewide: A story of love and loss

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On this week's Statewide, a man tells about the death of his partner and close friends It's part of our look at the AIDS epidemic, 40 years after the first case was diagnosed in Illinois.

We also visit two communities who competed for a large meatpacking plant. How have the towns fared since?

And we examine the role of religion in some political positions, such as opposition to vaccine mandates.

Those stories and more on this episode.

The lineup:

* Peter Medlin of WNIJ finds out how educators are helping students understand climate change.

Arlen Miller
Arlen Miller and his partner Mike Walsh.

* Danville native Arlen Miller spoke with reporter Maureen McKinney about the loss of his partner Mike Walsh, during the dark days of the AIDS epidemic. He explains what it was like to watch many close to him die from the disease.

* A newly built canoe launched along the banks of Lake Michigan, recalling a tradition of Native American art and culture.

* David Condos with High Plains Public Media compares the fate of two towns that once competed for a huge meatpacking facility. The outcome set each community on a different trajectory.

* Jonathon Ahl of Harvest Public Media tells how farmers might want to consider a new crop: chestnuts.

* Studies show exposure to police has a negative effect on the health of Black youth.

* Illinois Newsroom's Brian Moline speaks with a professor and Baptist minister about COVID misinformation among white evangelicals.

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