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Getting A New Driver's License Soon? Here's How It Will Work

The payoff for waiting at a driver's license facility?  Getting a new license.  Along with being legal to drive,  it allows you to use it for identification purposes, like boarding an airplane.   But changes are coming to the process here in Illinois.

Starting this summer, Illinois drivers and those getting state ID cards will get a temporary paper version.  It will be good for 45 days.  Within that time, the state is supposed to provide a permanent license or card.   Background checks and the use of facial recognition technology will be used to make for a more secure system.

"If they find there are duplications, they will hold off on sending the license back," said Dave Druker, spokesman for the Illinois Secretary of State.  "So there are some good security measures that are involved here."

There are a couple of reasons for the new way of doing business.  The state wants to prevent identity theft.  Also, the federal Real ID Act puts stricter measures in place.  A paper license won't be enough to get you on a place, so the state will also give you back your old license with a hole punched through it.  That will suffice, Druker said. 

But not everyone will deal with the changes immediately.  It's only for those who need a new license.  So you can wait until yours is ready to expire. 

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