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SUPER GG RADIO - Session 77 - Mr. Chef

Super GG Radio

Joel spent most of the week without power, so Alex G from podcast superfriends Gaming Fyx tags in at the last second!  He sells the group on Necrobarista, Alex O has some thoughts on the Avengers beta, and get real bloody with Carrion in Early Adopters.  Alex G shows us how to REALLY seduce the news.  We hit some Microsoft classics in the Backlog Blog.  Then we get to know Alex G better in our Guest Spot.

Gaming Fyx can be followed on Twitter at @fyxpodcasts, written reviews and an archive of their podcasts at https://fyx.space/, and their podcasts can be found wherever you listen to them.

Join us!


Early Adopters | News | Backlog Blog | Guest Spot | One Last Thing


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Twitter: @SuperGGRadio
Email: SuperGGRadio@gmail.com
Wordpress: www.superggradio.wordpress.com
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Games Discussed:
Necrobarista, Avengers, Carrion


Music Credits:

Introduction: Jazz Hip Hop 1 by Traster
Intermission: Chill Jazzy Lofi Hip Hop by DJ Quads
End Credits: Midnight Snack by DJ Quads
Mixed by Joel DeWitte (what is mixing?)
Edited by Alex Orona

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