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Education Desk
The Education Desk is our education blog focusing on key areas of news coverage important to the state and its improvement. Evidence of public policy performance and impact will be reported and analyzed. We encourage you to engage in commenting and discussing the coverage of education from pre-natal to Higher Ed.Dusty Rhodes curates this blog that will provide follow-up to full-length stories, links to other reports of interest, statistics, and conversations with you about the issues and stories.About - Additional Education Coverage00000179-2419-d250-a579-e41d385d0000

Mission Control: Education Advisory Convening

Thanks to all who took the time to participate in the NPR Illinois Advisory Convening.  K-12 funding was the main topic the group discussed.  Listen to the unedited, raw audio to hear how it progressed.  It has been posted in two parts to make file size manageable.  View the slide show of the participants above.


Listen to the NPR Illinois Education Advisory Convening. K-12 funding is the main discussion (part 2).

When NPR Illinois' John Wallenstein began fundraising for the Education Desk a couple years ago, we knew it would be about more than reporting.  Engaging with you on the subject would be important.  

Just over a year ago, when Dusty Rhodes joined NPR Illinois as the first reporter assigned to the Education Desk, we held an education forum to ascertain issues on the beat.  Dusty's reporting, along with that of other Illinois and national public radio journalists, has provided a lot of context in year one.  In addition, we have aired several documentaries on the state of education.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 from 9:30 - 11:30 AM, NPR Illinois hosted an Education Advisory Convening to help inform coverage over the next year.

Participants included:

  • Sean Crawford - Managing Editor, NPR Illinois - Moderator
  • Amy Ballinger-Cole – Government Relations Director, Advance Illinois
  • Nancy Barrett - Coordinator of Assessment and Accreditation, College of Education and Human Services at UIS
  • Linda Byrd - Homebound Student Teacher/Parent
  • Ryan Croke - Associate Chancellor for Public Affairs at UIS
  • Roger Eddy – Executive Director, Illinois Association of School Boards
  • Jennifer Gill - Superintendent, Springfield Public Schools District 186
  • Jessica Handy - Stand for Children Illinois/PTO President at Springfield High School
  • Bree Hankins - Communications Coordinator, Springfield Public Schools District 186
  • Becky Martin – Teacher, Lanphier High School District 186
  • Delores Martin - Chair of Springfield Race Unity Project/parent
  • Catie Sheehan - Director of Communications, HSHS St. John's Hospital
  • John Stremsterfer - President/CEO, Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln
  • Kelly Wickham Hurst-Guidance Dean, Lincoln Magnet School

NPR Illinois Attendees:

  • Nice Bogdanovich -Sponsorship Account Executive
  • Jamey Dunn - Illinois Issues Editor
  • Randy Eccles - General Manager/Publisher
  • Rachel Lattimore - Engagement and Membership Manager
  • Jeff Lorber - Vice Chancellor for Advancement, UIS
  • Rachel Ottwell - Illinois Edition Editor
  • Dusty Rhodes - Education Desk Reporter
  • Amanda Vinicky - Statehouse Bureau Chief
Randy Eccles is thrilled to be talking with community members and joining them in becoming informed citizenry. Please reach out at randy.eccles@nprillinois.org.
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