'Asylum City': Documenting Stories Of Asylum Seekers In Chicago

Nov 9, 2018

Under the Donald Trump administration, rules for immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers are constantly changing.  A Chicago story-telling nonprofit, 90 Days, 90 Voices, aims to dispel some of the misconceptions about asylum seekers through photo essays, oral histories and graphic novels. 

Chicago -- like many large cities across the country -- is home to many who have fled violence and persecution in their home countries.  90 Days, 90 Voices started out as a nonprofit news organization when the first travel ban was ordered by President Donald Trump in January 2017.  

The group is raising money to fund their next project, Asylum City, to showcase the stories of Chicagoans who are navigating through the complexities of seeking asylum in the United States.

Alex Hernandez, engagement director for the group, joins Statewide to talk about the importance of giving asylum seekers their own voice. 

90 Days, 90 Voices aims to raise $10,000 to fund Asylum City by Thursday, November 15. Their Kickstarter can be found here. 

Visit 90 Days, 90 Voices to learn more.