Rohan Ramkumar


My name is Rohan Ramkumar

   Rohan Ramkumar is an 8th grader at Franklin Middle School. He is also a black belt in kenpo jitsu... so WHACHA. He also plays the flute in concert band and tenor saxaphone in jazz band. Rohan is also on an FTC Robotics Team. 

Rohan Interviews Courtney Wick
Katie Buck / NPR Illinois 91.9 UIS

Hello, I am Rohan Ramkumar for the NPR Illinois PodCamp.

Courtney Wick is a licensed professional counselor and art therapist at the Hope Institute. She’s also a local writer, artist, and performer in plays such as “Legally Blonde”. She is also currently the board president for the Springfield Area Arts Council and volunteers at lots of places such as the Animal Protective League and The Big Brother Big Sister foundation.