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State Agencies Prep For Solar Eclipse


For state government, Monday’s solar eclipse is less about what's happening in the sky and more about what's happening on the ground. 

The eclipse is expected to bring around 150-thousand people to southern Illinois where the sun will be totally obscured. 

Illinois Emergency Management Agency Spokesperson Patti Thompson said several agencies have been working together for about a year to get ready.

"Everybody's very excited about it. Everybody wants to see it,” Thompson added. “We're just trying to make sure we have taken all the steps we can, that people can enjoy this event."

Those steps include crowd control, traffic management and medical considerations.  Thompson is advising those wishing to view the eclipse go to a location beforehand and watch it there, rather than pulling over to the side of a road. 

County and municipal agencies will take the lead within their jurisdictions.  A unified command for state departments will be based in Effingham through August 22.

Outside of the southern part of the state, the rest of Illinois will witness a partial eclipse.  

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