Rauner Pushing Privatized Toll Lanes On I-55

Mar 27, 2017

Gov. Bruce Rauner was in the Chicago Suburbs Monday pushing to add toll lanes to Interstate 55. He also took the opportunity to attack Illinois Democrats.

Rauner's idea is to let a private company add surge pricing lanes to the Stevenson Expressway. If you’re willing to sit in traffic, it’ll remain free. But if you want to zip past, you can pay to ride in the special lane.

Rauner has been pushing the idea for just over a year.

“I think it’s a time to ask the speaker: Why are we holding this up? What is the delay?” Rauner asked.

The question wasn’t necessary. House Speaker Michael Madigan issued a statement before Rauner’s event saying the Illinois Department of Transportation failed to provide "any evidence demonstrating that this project will save taxpayer dollars or result in better maintained roads."

When a reporter read that to Rauner, he laughed and made an oblique reference to “baloney."