Legislation Aims To Keep Devices From Secretly Recording You

Apr 30, 2019

Illinois lawmakers are moving forward with a measure that aims to keep your digital devices from secretely recording you without consent. The bill is called the KIDS Act, which stands for Keeping Internet Devices Safe.

Despite the acronym, the idea is to protect all Illinoisans, not just children. Abe Scarr, with Public Interest Research Groups (PIRG), said it was inspired by an FBI warning to parents back in 2017.


“(The warning) was saying they should be concerned and exercise caution when introducing internet connected toys and devices into their home," he said. "That it could pose a safety risk and a privacy risk for children.”



The measure will require phone applications and digital devices, like Alexa, to tell you they are listening to your conversations by inserting a disclosure in their terms of service agreements.  



Scarr said a lot of gadgets at home are not only storing web browsing history, but private conversations without consent and making billions of dollars doing so.


“If their business model is based off of our data we at least have a right to know what they’re collecting and how they’re collecting it,” said Scarr.

The legislation passed the Illinois Senate and and now moves to the House.