A Conversation With Senator Doug Jones

Jul 3, 2019

Sen. Doug Jones represents Alabama. He replaced the former attorney general Jeff Sessions, a Republican — becoming the first Democrat Alabamans have elected to the Senate in 25 years.

Here’s how a HuffPo profile describes his record in the Senate:

Though a moderate Democrat who sometimes votes to advance President Donald Trump’s agenda, he hasn’t been afraid to oppose Trump on issues dear to conservative voters, like funding for a border wall or the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. According to the Five Thirty-Eight website, which tracks votes in Congress, Jones has voted against Trump’s position 60% of the time ― a low figure for most Senate Democrats, but high for the only one representing a Deep South state.

Now, Sen. Jones’ former opponent, Roy Moore, is running for the Senate again. Multiple women have accused Moore of sexual misconduct — some while they were children.

We speak with Sen. Jones about what he thinks it will take to win in Alabama again, and what he’s learned from his time in office.

Show produced by Morgan Givens.


Doug Jones, Senator (D-AL); @SenDougJones

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