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Johnny Molson & Gus Gordon Are The Odd Couple


"It's been very strange, people keep going, 'You're not Felix?' And I'm thinking, what ... I'm sloppy, yeah unfortunately I can be a sloppy guy. It just kind of was a natural fit with the way we work together." - Gus Gordon, playing Oscar in The Odd Couple

The story of The Odd Couple is one that's been told not only on stage, but as a movie, TV series - even a cartoon. The story is a classic one full of comedic one-liners, but also a lot of heart. Starring in a new local production is radio personality Johnny Molson, and the head of the Hoogland Center for the Arts, Gus Gordon. They recently joined us for this interview, which begins with Gordon explaining why he thinks it's a good fit for local audiences: 

CLICK HERE for more info on the play and to purchase tickets. The Odd Couple opens on Friday and runs through next weekend.

Rachel Otwell of the Illinois Times is a former NPR Illinois reporter.
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