The Gallery @ NPR Illinois

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The Gallery @ NPR Illinois is in the studio complex and facilitates listeners engaging with Illinois art.  Additionally, artists works from each exhibit are digitally captured and posted here and shared with other public radio stations.

Each exhibit kicks-off with an opening mixer where listeners are invited to attend and refreshments are provided.  Each exhibit is open for viewing for a few weeks after the opening during business hours: weekdays 8 AM - 5 PM.  Viewing by appointment can also be arranged by contacting Carter Staley.  Many newsmakers come through the studios to be interviewed on-air and see the art during an exhibit as do attendees for other events like Live at the Suggs.

To participate in a future exhibit or stage one of your own, click here to submit your art exhibit idea.

Featured Artists:

No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win this contest.

NPR Illinois seeks to produce a 2019 Calendar as a donor gift. NPR Illinois is soliciting calls for artwork to be included in the calendar. Artists may work in any media or theme they choose keeping in mind the mission of NPR Illinois to “explain Illinois.”



Are you an artist in the Central Illinois Area? NPR Illinois is seeking talented, local artists to participate in the 2018 Calendar Art Contest! Artists can use any medium for their works, but your piece must somehow explain some element of the State of Illinois (and hopefully NPR Illinois).   

NPR Illinois will host a letter-writing station throughout the month of April, which will lead to this reception. The public is asked to contribute "survivor love letters" - anonymously written and addressed in support of those who have survived sexual assault. This will result in a community art exhibition of the letters at the gallery in the NPR Illinois station.

Art Exhibit: Pushmi-Pullyu

Oct 24, 2017

Together in this exhibit, named after a fictional two-headed animal, Kim Caisse and Kristin Diehl exhibit individual and collaborative pieces. Some collaborations are made with full intention and awareness of each other’s contributions, and some with an element of surprise. Kim and Kristin work in mixed media, sculpture, wood, fabric, contour line drawings, sculptural weavings and found objects.

The NPR Illinois Gallery will exhibit the works of two Springfield Artists: Jeff Williams and Corrin Smithson McWhirter. Their art re-evaluates and draws attention to our overlooked surroundings. 


Jeff C. Williams

Title: The Water Towers Still Stand... Now How Does The Life Blood Come Back?

Medium: Acrylic/mixed media on canvas and wood panels

100 Expressions: Lynn Herzberger

Jun 6, 2017

Lynn Herzberger, Jacksonville

Title: "The Orange Show, The First Four Months"

Medium: Four poems for four months (inside tent card)


Title: "LockUp & DrainSwamp Tent Card"

Title: "Distress Flag"

100 Expressions: Dennis Darling

Jun 5, 2017

Dennis Darling, Springfield

Title: William Trump Fan

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Narrative: I was surprised and dismayed when I found out my friend was voting for Trump, but I still wanted to paint his portrait and, more importantly, he is still my friend.

Dennis Darling, Springfield

Title: His Blood Shed for the 1%

Medium: Acrylic on existing print

Beth Rodgers, Greenville

Title: Hope Fragmented

Medium: Acrylic

100 Expressions: Martha Iler

Jun 5, 2017

Martha Iler, Greenville

Title: “Anguish”

Medium: Mixed Media/Acrylic on Canvas

100 Expressions: Glenn Cassidy

Jun 5, 2017

Glenn Cassidy, Springfield

Title: In Men We Trust

Medium: Print

100 Expressions: Elizabeth Marx

Jun 5, 2017

Elizabeth L. Marx, Springfield

Title: Donald and Friends

Medium: Digital

Narrative: “Donald and Friends” was created to show my dissatisfaction with the present Trump administration and the course he is guiding America now.

100 Expressions: Michelle Smith

Jun 5, 2017

Michelle Smith, Springfield

Title: There’s no Freedom in Fear

Medium: Drawing - copic marker

100 Expressions: Felicia Olin

Jun 5, 2017

Felicia Olin, Springfield

Title: "Portrait of Nawar al-Awlaki"

Medium: Mixed and acrylic

100 Expressions: Brian Willard

Jun 5, 2017

Brian Willard, Springfield

Title: "Ringed Planet 1.0"

Medium: Acrylic on canvas panel

Narrative: Given the war on science currently in the new administration, it is important for us to take a moment and remember its beauty.

100 Expressions: David Brodsky

Jun 5, 2017

David Brodsky, Springfield

Title: "Premonition"

Medium: Photography

100 Expressions: Richard Taylor

Jun 5, 2017

Richard Taylor

Title: "Harmony"

Medium: Oil on canvas

Narrative: A portrait of Donald Trump screaming in harmony with faces in flame. A reminder of the pain our society is feeling in harmony with presidential decree.

100 Expressions: Patricia Myers

Jun 5, 2017

Patricia Myers, Springfield

Title: Big Hands

Medium: Acrylic

Narrative: It’s not so much a slight on a particular president’s hand size, but the standard by which we should go by. Unfortunately, President Trump and his administration don’t appear to have any standards at all.

100 Expressions: James Hawker

Jun 5, 2017

James Hawker, Springfield

Title: "Untitled-1"

Medium: Photograph

Narrative: I am a photographer out working every day. These two are from what I have noticed so far. -J.H.

James Hawker, Springfield

Title: "Untitled-2"

Medium: Photography

100 Expressions: Erik Welch

Jun 5, 2017

Erik Welch, Springfield

Title: "Inter Sections"

Narrative: When change comes, we often resist, unsure how it will affect us. Instead of seeing this as shattering, these lines, drawn over many hours and days are meant to show depth and beauty. Sometimes we don’t know how things will turn at the beginning, but often there are clues if we look for the shape between the lines.

Erik Welch, Springfield

Title: "The Crash Course"

100 Expressions: Thom Whalen

May 24, 2017

Thom Whalen, Chatham

Title: 4 Legs are Better-Keystone

Medium: Oil

Narrative: “4 Legs are Better-Keystone” reiterates the Animal Farm story by George Orwell. The trial of tears launched by Andrew Jackson relocated native Americans to the region of Oklahoma in 1839. Stereotypes of Indians are masqueraded in various memes throughout the work. Forced into a life not known to the native people they struggle in a white man’s world with casinos, salmon farms and their connection with nature left mutated by the Keystone pipeline.

We spoke with two artists to find out more about their works. The two are a couple who live in Springfield.

Delinda Chapman, Springfield

Title: “Follow Me”

Medium: Acrylic/Mixed on Paper on Board

Narrative: This painting grew from working with the word immigration. The end result, stemming from my feelings about immigration, is this painting - the first in my series on immigration.

NPR Illinois will host an opening reception for the 100 Expressions of 100 days art exhibit on the 100th day of the Trump administration: April 29 from 4 - 7 PM. The exhibit will be held at the NPR Illinois studios located in the WUIS building on the UIS campus. Click here for a map. 

Attend the event and see how your community has reacted to the transition to a new administration. 

The exhibit will remain up until June 9. Stop by our studios any time from 9 AM - 5 PM to view the artwork.

Electrical Power Lines (Common Violet and Buckhorn Plantain)
Maggie Pinke

From the Series: New Organisms, 2013

"Suddenly I saw them everywhere – the hurried hash marks and capitalized letters that marked the pavement and vegetation in my neighborhood. The fluorescent paint clings to grass or weeds, creating new organisms subject to change on a daily basis. It seemed comical, these markings that assume an air of importance being so easily wiped away by a mown lawn or Saturday spent weeding." - Maggie

Archival Inkjet Print on Cotton Rag Paper

17 x 22

Market Value: $300

Melting Pot
Colleen "Cookie" Ferratier

Brown and gray with colors running.




20 x 16


Market Value: $225


Currently on Show


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Sep 28, 2015
Shannon O'Brien

UIS Sr. Photographer Shannon O'Brien's work can be seen throughout the campus and the community and is featureed each day on the UIS homepage -- WUIS staff were particularly taken with this recent photo… you never know who might be looking!




Currently on Show



Red Rock Country (Sedona)

Sep 28, 2015
Red Rock Country (Sedona)
Rich Ford

Sedona's high desert is a great place to find all kinds of shots for paintings. This one was out of town. In town is just as interesting. Big Red Rock everywhere.




20 x 16


Market Value: $250


Currently on Show


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Barn Shadows

Sep 28, 2015
Barn Shadows
Rich Ford

This particular barn is the one on the farm where I grew up. I've used it several times in different ways.




12 x 14


Market Value: $125


Currently on Show


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Cottonwood (Dead yet Alive)
Rich Ford

They don't die. They change what they do for nature. Here growing moss.




8 x 10


Market Value: $50


Currently on Show


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