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Every Monday brings the latest news blitz in #TheRundown. This week AMC theaters are reopening, #DCFandome is set to take over the world and a slew of new movie and TV trailers. Let’s get caught up!


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CLASSICS - Lucy & Desi with Kate Luckinbill Conner

Aug 14, 2020
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Front Row Classics brings you another special interview this month. We’re talking with Kate Luckinbill Conner of The Lucy Legacy. Kate is the daughter of Lucie Arnaz and Laurence Luckinbill and the granddaughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. In this interview, Kate discusses her grandparents’ legacy of laughter and how her family is keeping it alive for the next generation. You’ll also hear fun, personal anecdotes including what Lucy and Desi would have thought of social media. Sit back and enjoy and don’t forget to follow @TheLucyLegacy on Facebook and Instagram.

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Episode 43 of "Are You Afraid of the Podcast" is closing out a very solid Season 3 looking at The Tale of the Dangerous Soup. Dr. Vink's (Aaron Tager) restaurant is the talk of the town boasting the exclusive Dangerous Soup on its menu. When loner Reed (Greg Haberny) applies for a job, he and hostess Nonnie (Neve Campbell) find out there's quite a devilish secret behind the delicious main dish.

FEATURING: Jeremy Goeckner (@jgoeck) & Sara Baltusevich

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5th Annual Geek Year In Review

Jan 10, 2020

It's the end of the year so it is time once again for the 5th Annual Geek Year In Review crossover podcast extravaganza! This year we welcome back our good friends Jeremie Bailey from the Lincoln's Legends podcast and Mitch Ladd from The Geek Awakens. We cover a wide variety of topics from movies to TV shows to Comics and even some video games. This is always one of the highlights of our podcasting year so a big shout-out to our co-collaborators and of course to all of you! So please enjoy this special episode!

Featuring: Craig McFarland, Mitch Ladd & Jeremie Bailey

Columbia Pictures

#GuiltyPleasures is back! With the release of a new adaptation of #CharliesAngels, it seem only appropriate to put the last Angels big screen adventure to the Guilt-Meter test! The Angels investigate a series of murders which occur after the theft of a witness protection profile database.


FEATURING: Lou Hare, Amanda Hasaka & Erin McCabe

Survivor Special

Sep 23, 2019

As Survivor embarks on its 39th season this week, Front Row hosts and resident super-fans Lou Hare and Brandon Davis discuss their history with the reality TV juggernaut and what they're looking forward to in Season 39.

It's never a dull time at the Network when con season comes around. Even though everyone in the home office was busy with assignments we were lucky enough to have guest correspondent Trey Johnson cover the Heroes & Villains and Walker Stalker FanFest in Chicago. He got interviews with all ranges of people from stars, authors, artists and of course the COSPLAYERS! Enjoy!

FEATURING: Trey Johnson

When you think of how iconic the Carol Burnett Show was, one of the key parts of that success was the impeccable physical and improv comedy of one Mr. Tim Conway. Consistently on a vendetta to make his fellow actors crack, Conway was a master at reading the audience and taking them exactly where he wanted them to go. His comedic genius will be insanely missed in this world. Our Brandon Davis remembers him.

Featuring: Brandon Davis

An upcoming film about the late author and former Illinois State University professor David Foster Wallace opted not to film in the Bloomington-Normal area and instead chose Michigan, reportedly for the state’s more generous tax breaks.
WUIS/Illinois Issues

Robots from space attacked Chicago, blowing up buildings and vaporizing residents as they ran through the streets. A mad villain flipped a semi-trailer end over end and blew up a hospital. Two blues men drove through a suburban mall, crashed into the lobby of the Richard J. Daley Center and caused a pileup of police cruisers while tearing around the city on a holy mission. 

Charles N. Wheeler III
WUIS/Illinois Issues

"When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled." 

 African proverb

In the legislative battle now under way between two heavyweight industries — the telephone companies and the cable television providers — what's at risk of getting trampled is the public interest.