St. Louis Cardinals

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Hello, I’m Chandu Poola for the 2018 NPR Illinois PodCamp.

Justin Knoedler is a retired professional baseball player and he now has opened his own indoor baseball and softball field. Justin lives in his hometown of Springfield, Il

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Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

SPRINGFIELD – Blue vs. red, bear vs. bird, north vs. south – the competition between the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals has divided Illinois for generations. Now the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum will offer an exciting new look at this piece of baseball history in “Cubs vs. Cardinals: The Rivalry.”


St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay is pledging that police will be out in full force near Busch Stadium as the Cardinals enter the postseason, after a fan was shot and possibly paralyzed following a game.  

The shooting has generated concern about safety in what has been a violent year in St. Louis.  

Mike Morsch
WUIS/Illinois Issues

I’m not sure anyone realistically thinks the St. Louis Cardinals will move across the river if Missouri lawmakers don’t meet the team’s demand for a new stadium. But that doesn’t mean Illinois shouldn’t have asked.

That’s just what Carlyle Democrat Rep. Kurt Granberg did last year. And Gov. George Ryan hasn’t let the idea get past him. Ryan met late in the summer with Cardinals president Mark Lamping to explore the possibilities of a Cardinals move.