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Originally aired March 26, 2021.

The whole community benefits when more individuals and families are able to stop walking a financial tightrope and get on solid ground. Financially stable people are more likely to have access to quality health care, provide a good education for their children, and contribute to their local economies. Hear from the panel about how the organizations are helping local people keep more of the money they earned – so they can recover from the pandemic, pay for basic expenses, and save for the future.

Daisy Contreras / NPR Illinois

Head Start workers at Springfield’s Urban League hope to resume contract negotiations with the non-profit organization that pays their wages. About a dozen workers rallied outside the Urban League’s administrative offices Wednesday afternoon. According to AFSCME union representatives -- talks have been stalled for about a month.

Daisy Contreras / NPR Illinois

Springfield’s Planning and Zoning Commission Wednesday approved the zoning change for a building on the east side that could become the proposed Center for Health and Housing. The center would provide emergency shelter, health and mental healthcare, and other services for those experiencing homelessness. The vote was 6 to 3 in favor to change the building’s zoning from industrial to office zoning.

Grow Springfield

Bringing together those who care about community gardens and urban farming is the goal of Grow Springfield.  A network of organizations are working to support existing community gardens and open opportunities for more.  

Lindsay Record with the Illinois Stewardship Alliance and Joe Eby of  the Springfield Urban League join us to talk more about Grow Springfield.  Record says it got rolling with a USDA grant: