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WUIS Spring Drive Progress
Randy Eccles

WUIS program funding is $30,000 short at the completion of the spring on-air drive.

Don Tagala is a news correspondent for Balitang America, a U.S.-based network for ABS-CBN International in the Philippines.
Community Media Workshop

As owner and publisher of a print media enterprise, Zeke Montes reviews daily reports on circulation, ad sales and company growth. They're ominous numbers for most media executives, foretelling industrywide change that includes cutbacks, layoffs and mergers. 

But Montes, a self-starter with no formal journalism training who began publishing the infotainment guide Teleguía de Chicago out of the second story of a Berwyn home 23 years ago, isn't like most media types. 


Readers can’t “refresh” this page 20 times a day to see the latest information. And they can’t touch an underlined word to skip to another page to read a supporting document, hear an interview or see a photo.

Print media are losing committed readers to the more immediate, interactive and free news bits available from computers or handheld devices.

The multitasking readers who thrive on multimedia have developed a habit ­of accessing the “blogosphere” — the electronic abyss of personal Web sites — as part of their daily routines.

Peggy Boyer Long
WUIS/Illinois Issues

We open this eighth annual arts issue with a question. Several, really. None easily answered. 

The essential one is this: Are we ceding our right to decide what we will read in the privacy of our homes, what we will hear on our car radios or what we will see in theaters and galleries to that so-called most-democratic of forces, the marketplace?