REMEMBERING - Chadwick Boseman Tribute

Sep 1, 2020
Front Row Network

Like everyone, we at the Network were blindsided by the news of Chadwick Boseman's death at the age of 43 from colon cancer. Boseman left behind a towering legacy in the world of film and in the world as a cultural icon. We at the Network wanted give our thoughts on his passing and invite some special friends to offer their thoughts. We finish it off with our Oscar Spotlight episode on Black Panther with special guest Professor Tiffani Saunders. Rest in Power, Chadwick.

FEATURING: Jeremy Goeckner, Reggie Guyton, Lou Hare, Tiffani Saunders & Craig McFarland

Front Row Network

Monday brings you the next episode of The Rundown. Lots of entertainment news to report but it all pales to the loss of Chadwick Boseman. Here's your entertainment news for last week.

FEATURING: Jeremy Goeckner

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Front Row Network

Monday brings your weekly entertainment news recap! On this episode of #TheRundown, we look at the productions that are delayed and re-starting, new projects being announced and the newest trailers of the week. #FRN #NPR

FEATURING: Jeremy Goeckner

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5th Annual Geek Year In Review

Jan 10, 2020

It's the end of the year so it is time once again for the 5th Annual Geek Year In Review crossover podcast extravaganza! This year we welcome back our good friends Jeremie Bailey from the Lincoln's Legends podcast and Mitch Ladd from The Geek Awakens. We cover a wide variety of topics from movies to TV shows to Comics and even some video games. This is always one of the highlights of our podcasting year so a big shout-out to our co-collaborators and of course to all of you! So please enjoy this special episode!

Featuring: Craig McFarland, Mitch Ladd & Jeremie Bailey

BEYOND THE MOUSE - 2019 Year In Review

Dec 31, 2019
Walt Disney Pictures

2019 is in the books and it has been just about as successful as it could have been for Disney. From the biggest movie of all time to a record-breaking haul for a studio at the box office that may never be approached again. From new parks opening to the launch of an all new streaming platform. Beyond The Mouse is here to take it all in and give the House of Mouse a thorough review!

FEATURING: Craig McFarland, Brett Rutherford & Vanessa Ferguson

ACE Comic Con Midwest 2019 Interviews

Nov 30, 2019
ACE Universe

We at the Network were beyond honored to rep #NPRIllinois as the #ACEComicCon Midwest in Chicago this year. We first want to welcome and thank our guest correspondent Alex Orona of Super GG Radio for taking the lead with these interviews. This was a truly unique con experience and these interviews are top notch. Enjoy!

FEATURING: Alex Orona (Super GG Radio) and Erin McCabe


Part 2 of our epic LIVE 500th Episode celebration at Anvil & Forge sees us returning to the #UltimateMovieBrackets. Our resident bracketologist Lou Hare has outdone himself compiling 64 contenders for the title of movie of the decade. We welcome the biggest panel we've ever assembled with 12 Front Row personalities in this one! Which movie takes the crown? Listen and find out!

FEATURING: Jeremy Goeckner, Craig McFarland, Scott McFarland, Brandon Davis, Steve Sykes, Brett Rutherford, Vanessa Ferguson, Ryan Lootens, Jay Hoffman, Lou Hare, Phil Rockwell & Erin McCabe

It's a big day for #BeyondTheMouse and indeed for everyone! #Disney has officially launched its new streaming platform #Disney+. The whole crew is here to give their impressions on what they're most looking forward to and what they'll be watching first!

FEATURING: Craig McFarland, Brett Rutherford & Vanessa Ferguson

Front Row Network

The Front Row started as a simple idea: create a review system that wasn't built on the overly harsh critics system. A blog, a short-lived YouTube channel and podcast launch later, we now celebrate 500 episodes of content. There has been too great a number of people that have gotten us here, but this live episode at Anvil & Forge is our big way to celebrate with just a few of them.

FEATURING: Jeremy Goeckner, Craig McFarland, Reggie Guyton, Jeremie Bailey, Eric Flick, Mike Zerkle & The Geek Awakens

ACE Universe

It’s easy to see why people would gravitate towards ACE Comic Con. Didn’t get your convention fill this year? Trying to meet that one last celebrity? Tired of waiting for hours to go to that panel only to be turned away due to max capacity? ACE is the place to be - billed as a family and fan first experience, as well as something different than the typical convention.

Front Row Special
Wizard World

We had the honor and total blast of being included with the press to cover Wizard World Comic-Con St. Louis 2019. We had an absolute blast covering all 3 days of this insanely well-run event and are proud to bring you all of our celebrity and artist interviews all rolled into one. Enjoy and look for our continuing con coverage with San Diego this week and our reports from Heroes & Villains and the Walker Stalker Cons in Chicago. Enjoy!

FEATURING: Jeremy Goeckner, Steve Sykes and Kyle Hudson

Front Row Network Rapid Reaction
Sony Pictures

It's the end of Marvel's massive Phase 3 and the capper on the awesomeness that was Endgame. The Network's Lou Hare is here with some SPOILER-FREE rapid thoughts on Spider-Man: Far From Home. Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.


FULL DISCLOSURE - Avengers: Endgame

Apr 28, 2019
Front Row Network Full Disclosure
Marvel Studios

After 10 years and 21 movies of unprecedented interconnectivity and quality of film, the 3rd phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is coming to a close. And with it comes a close of one of the most beloved movie sagas of all time. And it is now time to spoil the ever-living-hell out of the movie event of the decade. We're talking all things Avengers: Endgame and where the MCU can possibly go from here.

FEATURING: Jeremy Goeckner, Craig McFarland, Scott McFarland and Steve Sykes