Katharine Eastvold

Katharine Eastvold works for the office of the Attorney General and is currently attending law school. She also finds time to be very active in the Springfield community. Katharine discusses her role as an Administrator on the FaceBook group 'Springfield Families Helping Families' with Community Voices' Bea Bonner. 

Mike Smith / NPR Illinois 91.9 FM

On Tuesday nights Jennifer Moore and her children pile into their van and make a stop at a church doing a grocery give-away. They then drop the bags off to people who respond that they need food in the Springfield Families Helping Families group on Facebook.

Reflections On Springfield's 'Citizens Police Academy'

Nov 28, 2016
Rachel Otwell / NPR Illinois | 91.9 UIS

The Citizens Police Academy in Springfield is one of about 30 in the state. It's a series of courses that give residents an inside look at the profession. 

Rachel Otwell

School districts across the state are facing increasingly desperate budget situations, and the future doesn't look much better if things continue down the some path.