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Illinois’ economic outlook is improving by one measure. According to two reports on the state's labor force, Illinois added nearly three thousand jobs in September, while unemployment across most regions has fallen or remains low.

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Panelists in Rockford discuss the challenges faced by small businesses - including economic growth and workforce needs. 

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Full program includes:

  • Is It Really Possible to Balance the State Budget Without a Tax Hike?
  • Chicago’s 7-Cent Bag Tax to Start Feb. 1
  • How Healthy is Illinois’ Job Market?


An industry trade group says that Illinois added 20,200 construction jobs from December, 2013 to December, 2014.  While people would like to attribute it to an improving job climate, it's probably just a better climate this time around.  Weather was a major factor in the job growth.  While attributing much of the the growth this winter over last year's exceptionally harsh winter,  the Associated General Contractors of America reports  the job growth came in 40 states and shows that construction firms are also more optimistic.

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Illinois has become a start-and-stop clean energy and environmental leader making great progress in some areas, but hitting too many self-imposed roadblocks. The recent legislative session likewise reflects both accomplishments and frustrations. Here are some glass half-full and half-empty examples: