Dec 29, 2019
Universal Pictures

It's a rare thing for #GuiltyPleasures to do a new release. But every so often, a movie comes along that changes the equation. Therefore, we give you the hybrid with #FullDisclosure talking all things #Cats.

IMDB PAGE: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5697572/

FEATURING: Lou Hare, Erin McCabe & Tiffany Topol

November 15, 2019

Here we tell you the latest movies releasing in theaters every weekend so you can always be up to date on when the movies you're most looking forward to are out. This week features another television remake, one of the year's leading Oscar contenders and a crime thriller staring screen legends.

FEATURING: Jeremy Goeckner

Front Row Special
Wizard World

We had the honor and total blast of being included with the press to cover Wizard World Comic-Con St. Louis 2019. We had an absolute blast covering all 3 days of this insanely well-run event and are proud to bring you all of our celebrity and artist interviews all rolled into one. Enjoy and look for our continuing con coverage with San Diego this week and our reports from Heroes & Villains and the Walker Stalker Cons in Chicago. Enjoy!

FEATURING: Jeremy Goeckner, Steve Sykes and Kyle Hudson