Segment three of the September 18, 2020 Community Health Roundtable entitled Basic Community Needs in the COVID-19 Pandemic. This segment features the Central Illinois Foodbank Executive Director Pam Molitoris, Sangamon County Community Resources Executive Director David Petrilli, and SIU School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry Chair Dr. Kari Wolf discussing issues presented by the pandemic. United Way of Central Illinois President and Chief Professional Officer John Kelker moderates.

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Likely more than 100,000 Illinoisans will lose food stamps under a rule change finalized by President Donald’s Trump administration this week. 

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Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed legislation that will allow some Supplement Nutrion Assistance Program (SNAP) - formerly known as food stamps - recipients to use benefits at restaurants.

The program will be offered to people who are elderly, homeless or have a disability. 

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When historians look back on this time, they might well refer to it as the “Age of Food.”

Food appreciation is a hobby. Chefs are rock-star famous. Grocery stores carry exotic items once only available in restaurants. Blogs are devoted to every kind of cuisine. “Food porn” glamorizes images of food. In fact, so many people call themselves “foodies,” some chefs and critics are shunning the word.