Animal Protective League


The cancellation of the Illinois State Fair means nonprofits, who count on annual parking revenue during the ten day event, are missing out.

The Springfield Animal Protective League, adjacent to the fairgrounds, estimates a loss of as much as $30-thousand. 

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Pet owners in Illinois that live in public housing often have to choose between keeping their pet and staying in a place they can afford. A proposed Illinois measure aims to prevent that situation from ever happening.

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There's good news for shelter dogs in the central Illinois region thanks to the latest trend in virtual gaming. Pokémon Go seems to have become an obsession for thousands of people – regardless of their age or background. It's been downloaded over 7 million times. The game works on smart-phones and users are able to find the colorful, animated figures in actual, real-life locations around the world.


Spring is here... and love is in the air.

But that's not necessarily a good thing when it comes to stray and feral cats.  This is the time of the year when unwanted litters wind up at the Animal Protective League in Springfield.  Last year, about 1,000 animals were brought to APL.  Only about half are adopted.  The no-kill shelter has launched an effort to help the situation.