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boarding an aircraft at O'Hare
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Illinoisans can now get driver’s licenses and state ID cards that comply with Real ID, the strict federal security requirements that will soon be needed for air travel.

Amanda Vinicky at the statehouse
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  • Amanda Vinicky reports Springfield, Lawmakers Adjourn for Good, Without a Budget
  • The Purpose of the Presidential Farewell Speech
  • The Airport Security Balancing Act

Alfalfa and beans still dominate the landscape in rural Will County where eight years ago state transportation officials sowed plans for runways.

Politics choked out the proposed bird Chicago-area regional airport early on. Beyond a harvest of government studies and consultants' reports, little related to the planned airport has taken root in that south suburban region.

Today, there are new signs of life, though. One harbinger: The Illinois Department of Transportation has started negotiating with Peotone-area landowners for property where the airport would sit.