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Statewide: Illinois Could Be Key To Control Of Congress

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Democrats are preparing to put the finishing touches on new Illinois congressional district boundaries. While those decisions are made here in the state, the implications are far reaching. Experts believe Illinois is one of the few states where Democrats have the ability to increase their control and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's hold on power.

We also learn about about difficulties pandemic education has caused for some special education students. And how school mask policies are dividing some communities.

Those stories and more on this week's Statewide.

* Listen to Dave McKinney's interview with David Wasserman of the Cook Political Report about redistricting in Illinois.

* Chip Mitchell with WBEZ reports on Chicago's new approach to dealing with mental health crises.

* Yvonne Boose of WNIJ tells us what researchers say about the "Karen" phenomenon.

* Farah Yousry with Side Effects Public Media visits a southern Indiana city divided over masking of students.

* Christine Herman talks with Carle Foundation Hospital critical care doctor and pulmonologist Dr. Vishesh Paul about what he is seeing in the latest surge of COVID-19.

People of Japanese descent interned in 1942 at the Manzanar camp in California.
Dorothea Lange/Library of Congress
People of Japanese descent interned in 1942 at the Manzanar camp in California.

* Rachel Schnelle has the story of a couple trying to grow a different crop — lavender.

* Dana Cronin interviews a central Illinois farmer about a new farmer-led cooperative to help small produce growers scale up.

* Maureen McKinney talks with those behind a new requirement to teach Asian American history in schools.

* WGLT's Eric Stock examines a difficult year for special education students and their parents and the hope for a more normal experience.

* Patrick Smith tells us about a program helping young people in Chicago avoid gun violence.

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