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News Special: Redistricting In Illinois


It happens once a decade. Political boundaries are redrawn. The impact is huge. It will dictate who represents you in congress, the Illinois legislature and many other offices. It will also help determine what government decisions are made. Still, many voters are unclear about the process and its importance.

The new maps are supposed to reflect changes in population and keep political representation fair and equitable. Illinois Democrats, who control state government, approved the maps over several objections.

Like about everything else, COVID-19 played a role in this year's redistricting. On this news special, we take a deep dive into what happened, examine how other states handle the process and look at the work that remains unfinished.

On this episode, you'll hear reports on what a new congressional map could look like and how redistricting is also an issue at the county level. We'll also learn how it impacts education and how other states handle a remap.

Listen as reporters from across the Illinois Public Radio network bring you the view of redistricting from their areas and what it means statewide.

And here's a short video that explains redistricting in 2021.

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