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Pritzker Extends Eviction Moratorium Another Month

Illinois Information Service

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker is giving more time to those behind on rent or mortgage payments.  He’s extending a ban on evictions through August 22.  A moratorium was set to expire at the end of this month. 

"For many people their ability to weather this crisis hinges on their ability to keep a roof over their family’s heads. It’s not enough to say that we want to build a more just and equitable state on the other side of this pandemic. We have to take tangible action to get there,” he said.

Such action includes a new program designed to get as much as 300-million dollars to renters and home owners who need help.  Applications will be accepted starting next month.

Eligibility will be based on income and having missed housing payments. "Starting August 10, applications will open for renters and then the week of August 28 for homeowners," Pritzker said 

The governor called the plan a "step forward" to help people weather the crisis.  Some lawmakers had pushed for a longer moratorium to give the program time to get up and running.  

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