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Stormy Daniels Visits Illinois Capitol To Fight 'Pole Tax'

Adult entertainer Stormy Daniels visited the Illinois Capitol today to protest the so-called “Sin Tax.”

A 2012 law requires Illinois strip clubs to charge an extra $3 for each guest or pay a flat tax. It’s meant to help fund rape crisis centers.

Daniels said the tax incorrectly connects adult entertainment with rape.

“Though the hypocrites, prudes and zealots of the world would love you to believe that, it’s simply not true. This is like blaming young women who are sexual assault victims on the clothing that they wear.”

Daniels said the tax “drives away customers and takes money out of the g-strings of hardworking dancers.”

She said everyone should be paying to support services for victims of sexual violence, calling it cowardly to place the burden on the backs of young women, many of whom are mothers.

Daniels was joined by dancers from a local club where she will perform tonight.

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