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Interview: Springfield's Bishop On Red Mass, Budget Impasse, And Labor Unions

Bishop Thomas Paprocki
Diocese of Springfield, Illinois

Since the high middle ages, the Catholic Church has celebrated a “Red Mass” — attended by lawyers, judges and politicians. One of the best known such services happens every fall in Washington, D.C., the day before the U.S. Supreme Court opens its annual term.

Illinois' capital has a growing tradition in that area, with its own Red Mass set for Wednesday evening. 

Joining us to talk about the Red Mass, the law and other matters is the Catholic bishop of Springfield, Thomas John Paprocki.

The Red Mass is set for 5:15 p.m. Wednesday at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, 524 E. Lawrence Ave., Springfield. The service is open to anyone, including non-Catholics. It will be followed at 6 p.m. by a reception and dinner, featuring an address by Justice Anne Burke of the Illinois Supreme Court. Those interested in attending the dinner are asked to contact Kelsey Chisam with the Catholic Conference of Illinois, 217-528-9200 or chisam@ilcatholic.org.

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