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New Rep Says Ties To Governor Won't Sway Her Votes


The new Republican state representative for the Springfield area says she won't always agree with the governor.  

The local GOP named Sara Wojcicki Jimenez to fill the 99th district seat.  She had most recently been the chief of staff for First Lady Diana Rauner and her legislative bid had the backing of Governor Bruce Rauner. 

Sangamon County Democrats were quick to respond once her appointment was announced.

“Once again, the Governor has created a vacancy in a Sangamon County House seat and hand – picked the replacement,” said Sangamon County Democratic Party Chairwoman Doris Turner in a news release.   "What makes Governor Rauner’s influence in these appointments even more curious is the fact that the Republican voters in Sangamon County overwhelmingly rejected candidate Rauner in the primary.  Despite that, he has taken over their representation at the Capitol."

But Jimenez says she won't simply be a mouthpiece for the administration.

"The governor and I will probably agree on a lot of things.  We'll disagree on a lot of things as you see different bills and ideas move forward.  But it's my responsibility to talk with the people in my district and be the representative for the 99th district," Jimenez said.

Jimenez says she has talked with some local union leaders and plans to meet with them and hear their concerns.  She says all sides have an obligation to work together to solve issues, like the budget.

"For a long time, it seemed everyone was digging in on their positions.  But at the end of the day, I think we all know the only way to move this forward is through compromise. And that doesn't have to be a cuss word."

The 36 year old lives in Leland Grove.  She was named to the post after longtime representative Raymond Poe left to become Illinois Department of Agriculture Director.

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