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Rauner: I Love The State Museum, But Had To Close It

Lisa Ryan

As Illinois enters a second quarter without a budget in place, Gov. Bruce Rauner put the blame on legislators.  He made the remark Friday after a manufacturing event in Effingham.

Rauner, a Republican, says his administration will keep essential services going as the impasse continues, and warned that it could last awhile longer.

"I'm very upset that child care is not being funded," he said. "I'm very upset about that. Our state museum, which I love, we've got to close because we don't have a budget. I'm very upset with what we have to do to try to manage the crisis of no budget. We're doing the best we can. I don't like it."

The State Museum in Springfield, Dickson Mounds archeological site, and a shooting complex in Sparta, closed on Sept. 30, even though employees are still on the state payroll.

Critics say it's a foolish, mean-spirited move that won't actually save the state much money.

Rauner has separately used rule changes to remove low-income parents from a state-subsidized day care program.

Rauner says he says he's committed to passing business-friendly laws before he'll negotiate with Democrats on spending and taxes.

Democrats say the governor is holding vital services hostage to an unrelated agenda.

REPORTERS' NOTE: With appreciation and thanks to Scott Ealy, for providing raw audio of Gov. Rauner's question-and-answer with reporters

Amanda Vinicky moved to Chicago Tonight on WTTW-TV PBS in 2017.
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