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Below are the latest stories on the pension issue in Illinois.

Four Days Left And Pensions, Guns, Gambling Unresolved

Capitol in fog
Amanda Vinicky
NPR Illinois

The legislative countdown continues, as Illinois' General Assembly is set to adjourn Friday.   Lawmakers spent their Memorial Day at the capitol, where little apparent progress was made on many of the outstanding issues.   

The Senate met only briefly yesterday - the bulk of Senators' time was spent in private, partisan meetings.
That's where they often make decisions on how to proceed on controversial issues. 
Like the budget. 

CULLERTON: "We had a long discussion about a budget. And there seemed to be great agreement on a budget."

That's Senate President John Cullerton, who says now it's a matter of sending the figures Democrats are on board with to the minority Republicans, who will likely have a more critical view. 
Cullerton also says committee votes may come today on a pair of gun measures, as Illinois faces a federal deadline to pass a concealed carry law. 
While the House spent more time in session on Memorial Day, approving a key component of the federal health care law, Representatives did not take a vote on legalizing same sex marriage. 
There was no movement on pensions either. 
And a gambling expansion package is being held up over the taxes casinos would be required to pay.

Amanda Vinicky moved to Chicago Tonight on WTTW-TV PBS in 2017.
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