Inside Sajaegi, K-Pop's Open Secret

49 minutes ago

Last fall, Malvo, an indie K-pop artist, was walking to the parking lot after a long day. He had just finished a show at a university festival near Seoul, South Korea. In the lot, a middle-aged man approached the musician, saying he had a "marketing opportunity" for Malvo and his songs. He didn't give his phone number, or his name.

On the ground floor of the concrete high-rise that became the headquarters of the protest movement in Baghdad's Tahrir Square, slogans scrawled in black and a mural of a fish dressed in a suit disappear under coats of white paint.

The young Iraqis erasing the murals are followers of Muqtada al-Sadr, an influential Shiite Muslim cleric whose support fueled the largely secular protests against government corruption that broke out last October.

The coronavirus outbreak has sparked what the World Health Organization is calling an "infodemic" — an overwhelming amount of information on social media and online sites. Some of it's accurate. And some is downright untrue.

Iran is holding national elections Friday, as voters choose members of parliament from a list of candidates winnowed down to feature hardliners and conservatives. Midterm elections are also being held for the Assembly of Experts, the clerics who have the power to select the country's supreme leader.

China has put more than half a billion people under partial or total lockdown in what it is calling an all-out "people's war" against the spread of the new coronavirus. It's equivalent to restricting the movement of the entire population of North America.

GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)

2 hours ago

In the final round of the Battle of the Podcast Stars, the two surviving podcast hosts go H2H in this T/F game about commonly-used acronyms. Who will take the L?

Heard on Ben Sinclair: High Maintenance And The Battle Of The Podcast Stars.

I'm Just The Messenger With Ben Sinclair

2 hours ago

On the HBO series High Maintenance, actor Ben Sinclair plays a weed delivery man. But can the man behind The Guy identify the famous historical messengers in this quiz?

Heard on Ben Sinclair: High Maintenance And The Battle Of The Podcast Stars.

Hold Me Close, Tiny Glucose

2 hours ago

Unofficial Expert podcast hosts Marie Faustin and Sydnee Washington put their confectionery knowledge to the test in this delectable music parody game where every answer is a dessert.

Heard on Ben Sinclair: High Maintenance And The Battle Of The Podcast Stars.

This That Or The Other: Bond Girl Edition

2 hours ago

The Battle of the Podcast Stars continues. Contestants Marie Faustin and Sydnee Washington speak with comedians about their areas of expertise on their podcast Unofficial Expert. In this game, Faustin and Washington decide whether a name belongs to a James Bond character, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or a political candidate.

Before playing a weed delivery man in the HBO comedy series High Maintenance, actor and writer Ben Sinclair worked as an actual delivery man. Sinclair worked at a Brooklyn floral shop for three summers, where he delivered flowers directly to the shop's clients. This experience directly influenced High Maintenance, which Sinclair co-created with his then-wife, Katja Blichfeld. The series follows an enigmatic weed delivery man known as "The Guy" as he meets new clients and explores the intricacies of life in New York City.