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The Moth is true stories, told live and without notes. The Moth celebrates the ability of stories to honor both the diversity and commonality of human experience, and to satisfy a vital human need for connection. It seeks to present recognized storytellers among established and emerging writers, performers and artists and to encourage storytelling among communities whose stories often go unheard.

The Peabody Award-winning The Moth Radio Hour features The Moth’s most beloved tellers, chosen from across The Moth’s programs, and explores the stories behind the stories. Each hour mixes humorous and heartbreaking tales told with honesty, bravery, and wit. 

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The Moth Fall 2020 Fundraiser

Aug 6, 2020
Jason Falchook

Dame Wilburn is told that she is cursed and decides to try and lift the curse herself.

Laura Hitchcock is entrusted with her teacher's prized trumpet.

5 year old Mohammed Zeeshan Nayeemuddin has an adventure on his way home from school.

Ashley Johnson moves to LA to pursue her dream of acting.

Regrets, I've Had a Few

Jul 31, 2020
Jason Falchook

Alfonso Lacayo gets a bad haircut.

Noreen King's fib goes too far.

David Watson Mwabila questions his culture's perception of disability

Megan McNally makes an assumption about her grandmother.

Nadia Hakim remembers her last time in Iran.

Robert Hallett gets a call from NASA.

Sword Fight, Hip Hop, Amnesia, Berlin

Jul 27, 2020
Photo by Renee Rosensteel

Cole Kazdin dreams of forgetting her past.

Simon Bill's
love for antique swords proves useful.
Chenjerai Kumanyika
becomes a hip hop star.

James Shuter finds himself in Germany near the Cold War's end. 

Rooted in the Past

Jul 15, 2020
Jason Falchook

After a trip to Senegal's Door of No Return, Hannah Drake tries to piece together a family history obliterated by slavery.  
Craig Mangum explores his relationship to Mormonism and it's sacred garments. 
Luanne Sims has to grow up fast when she gets her first real job.
Dan Ariely is called upon to help a fellow burn survivor. 

More Women In The World

Jul 13, 2020
Photo by Jason Falchook

Mary Kate O'Flanagan takes charge and responsibility at a funeral.

Gail Breslow is confronted about her religion at a school in Germany.

Ally Mason relunctantly fills a role in a school play.

Bess Stillman struggles with the difficulties of being a doctor.

Aryana Rose falls in love with a younger man.

Jane Otai takes action after suffering loss.

Live at Town Hall, New York

Jul 6, 2020
Allan Onderchain

Simon Doonan tries out for The Devil Wears Prada but realizes they were interested in more than his acting.

Kemp Powers contemplates what makes his son so sensitive.

Lynn Ferguson is advised to terminate a pregnancy.

Play it Again, SLAM!

Jun 29, 2020
Jason Falchook

Gabby Shea wants to impress her boyfriend's family with her macaroni and cheese.

Jon Novick reveals what his every day existence is like as a Little Person in New York City.

Annie Tan has trouble connecting with her father across a language barrier and physical distance.

Carl Banks draws upon his past to help a desperate young man on a bridge.

Anoush Froundijian is cast in a bit part in the Armenian version of Beauty and the Beast.

Everything's Bigger in Texas

Jun 17, 2020
Kathie Tam

Alyssa Ladd attempts to be the "best Christian" at her Evangelical summer camp.
Chris Gorman adopts a dog that's been marked "unwanted."
At 12 years old, Robert Holguin infiltrates a NASA press conference. 
Christopher Scott's life is changed forever when he answers a friend’s call for help.

Mismatch, Marriage, and a Marathon

Jun 15, 2020
Sean Carter

Jessica Lee Williamson follows love to a campsite and loses her sense of self.
  Horace HB Sanders gets married and divorced and then remarried.
Peter Sagal runs The Boston Marathon as a guide for a visually impaired man.

Voicing Tough Truths

Jun 8, 2020
Bob Sweeney

David Litt channels his alter ego, "Lips," while working as a presidential speechwriter. Nimisha Ladva sees the subtle ways her mother defies the patriarchal structure of her extended family. Alexis Barton learns nothing good happens after midnight. Sharon Salzberg's meditation teacher encourages her to use her voice and past experience to help others

A Nobel Path

Jun 1, 2020
Sarah Stacke

Sarah Schlesinger talks about the internship at Rockefeller University that led to meeting her lifelong mentor and friend. Robin Frankel attends the Nobel Ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden as the guest of a Nobel Laureate. Deirdre Bowen tells a story of competing in her school’s science fair and her struggles to impress her scientist father. Nobel Laureate Roald Hoffmann tells of his harrowing childhood during WWII.

How You See Me

May 22, 2020

Enrique García Naranjo is stopped by border patrol. Aydrea Walden realizes her classmates see her differently. Miles Crabtree tries out for his school's production of "How the West Was Won." Kimberly Rose sees herself disappearing in her marriage.
Jessi Klein lands what she thinks is her dream job.

Love, Faith and Money

May 18, 2020
Mike Martens

Shannon Cason comes face to face with his gambling addiction.
  Prinna Boudreau becomes the focus of a police investigation after the loss of her infant daughter.
  Christof Koch  questions his belief in God while working with Francis Crick.

Autumn Stein

Isobel Connelly grows up feeling like the stupid girl. Saya Shamdasani feels caught between two cultures.  David Lepelstat is nervous about his first kiss.  Luna Azcurrain and her grandfather create a Thanksgiving tradition.   Beth Gebresilasie tries to protect herself from her family's constant moving. 

Jason Falchook

Chrissie Graham is a nerdy girl who needs contacts and promptly loses one. Catherine Palmer tries to micromanage her son at a school concert. Constance Mudenda is a healthcare worker with a health scare of her own. Matthew Dicks has an allergic reaction to a bee sting and needs his mother. Melissa Rodriguez grew up a foster child and then has a child of her own.

Skin Tight Genes

Apr 27, 2020
Deborah Martin

Mike Birbiglia works to get healthy and mitigate his bad genes.

Carmen Rita Wong uncovers the complicated layers of her family's past.

Beth Bucher makes a hard decision to protect her health.

When applying for a green card, Paul Nurse discovers a family secret.

Holding On, Digging Out & Hanging Up

Apr 20, 2020
Jason Falchook

Angela Dohrmann goes whole-hog during a Wendy's giveaway.  Lobsterman Jason Lemos fights for survival in the frigid Atlantic.  Zellia Fossett learns something new about herself through her work as a customer care agent. 

Wedding Jitters and Kindergarten Battle Prep

Apr 13, 2020

Lauren Slater sees her boyfriend in a different light after a basement fire.

Colin Channer is a kid in Jamaica with a deep love for comic books.

Aubrey Edwards has her creativity nourished by two grandmothers. 

Chris Gilbert is prepared to fight for his kindergartner.

Braden Moran

Carol Leifer is put in a panic when her "signature scent" is discontinued. 

Adrian Estrada, an Air Force veteran, describes what it's like to be a member of The Honor Guard.

Vicki Juditz seeks distraction but finds so much more in a swing dancing community.

Chris McKinlay uses his computing skills to hack into the dating site, OkCupid. 

Heroes, Icons & Superstars

Mar 30, 2020

Valerie Walker has a chance encounter with a life long idol.

Songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman makes music with a country music icon.

Danny Artese gets not only a signature but a mentor when he attends a book signing.

Elyse McInerney learns her hero may be a lot closer to her than she realized.

Bassist Christian McBride gets a chance to play with a Jazz legend. 

Hitchhiking, a Mosh Pit, and Iggy Pop

Mar 23, 2020
Sarah Stacke

Erin Barker learns why her mother’s pregnancy is not good news for her father.
Alvin Hall grew up on a small farm on the Florida Panhandle where Viewmaster slides of exotic lands fueled his imagination.
Paul Teodo is hitchhiking in Chicago when his hot temper helps him out of a profoundly dangerous situation.
Sam Thurman’s eyeglasses are knocked off his head at a punk rock concert.
Ameera Chowdhury is a teenager and thrilled when punk icon Iggy Pop begins to correspond with her.

Wigs, Wigouts, and Insurance

Mar 16, 2020

Jenny Allen is diagnosed with cancer and is forced to make a decision when she starts chemotherapy.

Danyel Smith is confronted by a musician who didn't like an article she wrote for Vibe Magazine.

Stephanie Peirolo fights with an insurance company while her son is in a coma. 

When We Were Young

Mar 9, 2020
Tim Ouillette

Sarfraz Manzoor discovers life lessons in the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen. Oanh Ngo Usadi and her family arrive in Texas from Vietnam with high hopes and an American Dream. Max García Conover finds faith in an unexpected place.

Truth and Power: Global Stories of Women

Feb 26, 2020
Andy Benson

95 year old park ranger Betty Reid Soskin squares off with an intruder.  Purity Kagwiria chooses a name for herself.  Timothy Bell discovers that there are more layers to his mother than meets the eye.  Musih Tedji Xaviere attempts to get her first novel published.  Nya Abernathy discovers who gets lied to the most: pregnant women!

Live in Portland, Maine

Feb 24, 2020
Greta Rybus

Paul Knoll must help evacuate a school to avert a tragedy.

Melissa Coleman deals with the loss of her younger sister.

Frederick Hauck leads NASA back into space after the Challenger disaster. 

It's the Little Things

Feb 14, 2020
Jason Falchook

Beverley Elliott writes a song about a yellow dress, despite not owning one. Lee Thomas is a newscaster with vitiligo. Matthew McGough becomes a Yankee batboy. Reilly Horan considers her relationship to clothing and to her identity. Camille Woods seeks a small bit of comfort after the death of her son. 

The Moth Spring Fundraiser 2020

Feb 7, 2020
Mark Arrigo

Nimisha Ladva comes to terms with what it means to be a "good Indian girl."

Tim FitzHigham is a record breaking adventurer who sets off to cross the English Channel in a bath.

Caroline Connolly describes her misadventures on a family road trip. 

Maxie Jones finds an unexpected relationship that changes his life forever.

One Thing in Common

Feb 5, 2020
Mark Earley

Ashok Ramasubramanian learns the joy of sharing.

Jane Green is flattered by the attention of a handsome young writer.

Shayk Umar memorizes an entire religious text and only later comes to understand it’s deeper meaning.

Cybele Abbett faces a unique parenting challenge.

Jury Duty, Walking Tests, Pepsi and NOLA

Jan 31, 2020

Danusia Trevino is forever changed by jury duty.

Charles Upshaw trains to walk 25 feet.

Morley McBride
 is asked to give up the soda she loves.

Chris Turgeon 
has a blind spot when it comes to his son.

Out of the Blue

Jan 27, 2020
Lindley Rust

Natalie Arroyo finds herself in a showdown on the NYC subway.  Sonny Garg finds it difficult to live his father's dreams.  Gregory Mathieu scores his dream audition. Mariya Goodbrake discovers common ground between the two communities she loves.
While studying treatments for depression in Africa, Andrew Solomon has an intimate encounter with a ram.